Strategy is the key! For decades, our team has been enabling Organizations in maximizing the value of their investments in Information Technology and improving their ROI.

We start with Maturity Level assessment, creating futuristic strategy, execute it, Maintain DevOps with 24/7 models.

We automate your journey. Add maturity to CI/CD automation, secure and solidify your cloud infrastructure. Our agile teams ensure that your systems not only work non-stop not but also identify the limits in advance. We not only ensure scale but also performance all the time.

Service Focus

Our specialized team is focussed and processes are optimized for a service mind-set. No problem is a new problem for us as our teams have treaded the paths of success and failure and learnt a lot in the process.


Hours and hours spent in working on top cloud providers ensure that we deliver shining systems at superior speeds.


Amazon Web Services is time tested platform and we have partnered them in their journey. With flawless executions we can create tall systems in no time.

Google Cloud

When Google does it, it can’t be undermined. We have got the expertise to enable large and complex systems to be deployed on Google Cloud Platform.

Customized Cloud

We understand you might be having data / services which can’t be deployed on AWS or Google Cloud. This is where our team will help you come up with infrastructure and solution that will be built to last.

KMSG Technologies Edge

Why would you choose to user our services… after all there are many other guys in the street! Right?

DevOps and agility together

You will find teams which either say Agile or Continuous development. We combine the best of both words in DevOps. Our deployment processes seamlessly integrate with our agile development environments.

100% Uptime

Our automated continuous monitoring systems ensure that we are always pro-actively engaged that Human Errors or Laziness doesn’t bring your systems to halt!

Scale, scale, and scale

What good a deployment is which crashes when a system is required the most? Our rigorous testing ensures that scale means “scale without manual intervention”.

Back it Up!

The ability to back-up the vital data and restore in no time is our specialty. It is kind of insurance which is better never used though


KMSG Technologies' vision is to be the first choice of solution provider for existing partners. We aim to
1. Enable new entrants or existing Insurance companies/agents to expand their wings in fastest markets like India where there are 1.3 billion people with more than 50% below the age of 25.
2. Help airlines provide a world class, component based,flexible and revenue generating reservation portals.
3. Enable medium and large organizations manage their ERP and CRM processing efficiently at the lowest possible cost.
4. Enable medium and large schools/colleges to focus on students and studies and transfer all technology management with us.

Recent Portfolio

About KMSG


KMSG Technologies is people. We take pride in enriching the lives of our partners, i.e. employees and customers. We take pride in resolving our customer's problems by translating technology into solutions. In today's world, where most of the IT companies are aiming towards profit maximization, we target customer trust as our top most priority. We first understand customer business, their problems and accordingly provide reliable and quality solutions based on our value for money philosophy. We aim to provide solutions for Industries like Travel, Transportation, Logistics, Hotels, Education, and Payroll systems. We state it openly; we are a young startup hence winning customer confidence is our first motive to ensure we expand by their references.