Why KMSG Technologies ?

We not only follow the best practices, but continuously challenge those and improve upon the processes. Our commitment to quality and timelines is matchless.

We are a workforce of intelligent brains! Technology is our passion and enabling businesses to improve their efficiency is our motto. Our role holders includes portfolio analysts, project managers, domain specialists / business analysts, technical analysts, developers, and QA experts who understand customerism. We believe in developing features which provide you a significant market advantage over your competitors.

Our discussions are not oriented to make you happy but to provide you the most suitable solution for your business needs. Projects are not successful unless both you and we do our bit carefully!

Software Development Life Cycle phases

Life Cycle


You invite us over tea and just speak up what you are looking for! Our team carefully understands your business and main objectives you are trying to achieve. We also pay attention towards your organization’s maturity level for using IT before we recommend any solution. As a result of planning session: We divide the business needs into different modules. We share the details around high-level features, tentative schedule and cost.



This is the most important phase where the requirements are discussed in details. Just one tea will not be enough We ask you a lot of questions, meet with real users wherever possible, lot of whiteboarding and heated discussions. This is where we might not agree with what you say and we suggest alternatives. The result of this is a document where the detailed requirements are documented and you sign-off! Your sign-off is the proof that you agree with WHAT the software should do.



This step needs the best hats out of our architecture team/design team/competency management teams/best practice advocates. This step provides for HOW the requirements should be met, how the performance and security of aspects are taken care of, how the future scale is taken into account. Unfortunately this crucial step is what most non-IT people won’t understand and appreciate. This step has ensured that our solutions stand the test of many business changes, technology advancements, scale, and secure our solutions against intrusion.



This is the actual step of development where all type of code is written, best practice and standards documents are followed, developers will be fighting with timelines, dinners are in office, red and blue eyes just to ensure that working code gets delivered in time. This is the phase when search engines are rapidly used.



This step calls for the ego of Testing Teams. They will write all possible cases to ensure the code fails and feel proud if the software breaks. This is the time when developers and testers are in opposite camps. But this is the MOST crucial step in ensuring the quality of software in terms of “it does what it is asked to do”. This step also includes the customer to test the final product and assess is all requirements are covered as well.



Most of the companies don’t pay special attention to the deployment step and spend weeks in deployment. We have specialized and trained associates who can rocket from earth to cloud in a few hours.


KMSG Technologies' vision is to be the first choice of solution provider for existing partners. We aim to
1. Enable new entrants or existing Insurance companies/agents to expand their wings in fastest markets like India where there are 1.3 billion people with more than 50% below the age of 25.
2. Help airlines provide a world class, component based,flexible and revenue generating reservation portals.
3. Enable medium and large organizations manage their ERP and CRM processing efficiently at the lowest possible cost.
4. Enable medium and large schools/colleges to focus on students and studies and transfer all technology management with us.

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About KMSG


KMSG Technologies is people. We take pride in enriching the lives of our partners, i.e. employees and customers. We take pride in resolving our customer's problems by translating technology into solutions. In today's world, where most of the IT companies are aiming towards profit maximization, we target customer trust as our top most priority. We first understand customer business, their problems and accordingly provide reliable and quality solutions based on our value for money philosophy. We aim to provide solutions for Industries like Travel, Transportation, Logistics, Hotels, Education, and Payroll systems. We state it openly; we are a young startup hence winning customer confidence is our first motive to ensure we expand by their references.